Corey Lee @The French Laundry

For my 30th birthday, we celebrated it by going to the French Laundry. While crazy expensive, it's quite an experience and fortunate to have eaten there once before. (I'd be happy to go again!)

The service is amazing, the tableware is exquisite, and the food can be described as a word 10x better than delicious. The meal took over 3 hours to enjoy and included salmon tartare, oysters and caviar, foie gras, truffles, bass, toro, duck, lamb, blue cheese, strawberry sorbet, chocolate, and more. I'm not the type to take pictures of food, so you'll have to go elsewhere for French Laundry food photos. The presentations are pretty good.

We also had a 1/2 bottle of sauvignon blanc from Work vineyards, and a glass of Syrah from TOR. The flavors of the wine really came out apricots and peach for the Work sauvignon blanc, blueberries from the TOR syrah.

After the meal we were able to tour the kitchen, which was incredibly clean, apparently they clean as they go. We also got to meet Corey Lee, winner of the James Beard award for Rising New Chef, who's also the chef du cuisine at the French Laundry. He's pretty cool, Korean background, only 28 years old. I pretend I can cook, this guy takes it to many, many notches above. Though, the strawberry sorbet we had for dinner was something I was able to make a while (I have the French Laundry cookbook).

Anyway, it's neat to meet folks who run the show, especially folks who seem down to earth. I had lunch w/ Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka the day before and it was the same deal — down to earth cool people.

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  1. I don't get it… I went to the French Laundry with my girlfriend. We spent nearly $1000 on truely nothing more than BS. Seriously, I can cook too – pretty good I might add. And, I can do so at 2% of the cost. Last thing… As far as fine dining being an art, all I have to say is, how do you think Picaso would feel if you wolfed down one of his masterpieces once it was rendered complete? Keep in mind, when it is all said and done, like everthing else we consume, the French Laundry will as well come out your ass… If that is art??? I don't know what to tell ya

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