winding down w/ Ironman training

I'm winding down with Ironman training, we've got about 18 days left before the big day. Just this last Saturday I did the Marin century bike ride which I did the past two years and this year I felt unusually strong. We're in the taper phase now where we rest up from the 10 months of accumulated training.

One of my other benchmarks other than the Marin Century is the Claremont avenue ride. Last week, I went up Claremont, down South Park, back up South Park, down|up and back down Claremont avenue. Fairly excited since last year I was only able to go up Claremont w/ the new bike. My toes and feet are healthy so I'm able to run, my shins no longer hurt, and running an hour or two isn't such a big deal now. 4-5 hours will be rough but 1-2 hours not so bad.

Swimming is ramping up a bit though, doing 4-6 miles of swimming a week. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes plus worth of swimming in a pool which is really quite a long time to be in a pool. About 45 minutes to an hour is good, anything more than an hour is a bit too much.

I've figured that sane distances for regular exercise for regular people is: 1 mile swim or 30-45 minutes of swimming, 3-5 miles of running, and 25 – 45 miles of bicycling. Anything more than that is really kind of dumb.

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