test driving the "pre-owned" Benz

Mercedes Benz

I guess December 31st is the best day to buy a new car. Katina and I went test driving today and almost bought this pre-owned, Mars red Mercedes Benz 2005 C230 for her. We decided against it because it had too many miles (17,000) and didn't have all the options we wanted nor was it the right color (she wants Barolo red). It's a manual transmission (which we want) and 4 cylinder engine (which is okay, less pep but better gas mileage). Considering that a new car was only a few thousand more and we could get it in the right color we wanted, with the options we wanted, with a V6 engine, we decided against buying it. It was mighty tempting (Katina's heart was beating fast, she was feeling all hot and bothered, and we actually went back to the dealer after having left it from the test drive to see how much it would cost…$28,900).

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