The Lure of IronTeam 2006

Probably not going to do IronTeam 2006. For anyone wanting to do an Ironman, it's a big time suck and it's very costly. To even get started you need to buy the following:

– bike gear ~$3,500 ($2k for the bike, the rest for clothes/shoes and maintenance)
– run gear ~$250 (shoes)
– swim gear ~$300 (wet suit, goggles, etc)
– other gear ~$200-300

Then there's the race entry which is $500 at least, and travel to the Ironman event, and races/travel in between at $100-200 a pop. Then there's food and stuff.

Once you get past that initial expense, it's still costly to keep doing these Ironman events. Still need to pay for travel and race entries, maintenance, and tune-ups. It's not a cheap sport (but it sure is fun!).

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