open source as a consumer product attribute

Should "open source" be a consumer product attribute? It would apply to Firefox, Thunderbird, Linux desktop, other software on the Linux desktop like Evolution.

What would "open source" imply? How about:
– quality/stability (tested by hundred of thousands of people)
– secure (still dependent on management of security issues)
– innovative (collective brain-power tackling new concepts)
– collaboration
– standards
– community based AND commercial support options

I feel like "open source" already means all of the above so let's get it to stick!

What should "open source" not imply? How about:
– free (as in the software is free, lots of confusion here)
– anti-business or capitalism
– IP nightmare
– "volunteers" (people who are unpaid), this essentially becomes unreliable, unsustainable

Well, given that quick little exercise it sounds like "open source" is something we do want to use as an attribute. Other companies like Yahoo and Google and such who do use open source products/solutions on the server-side should do it too. Just about everyone uses bugzilla and lots of companies are on the LAMP server-stack. That screams we're spending money on the right things.

Also, speaking more about the testing community and that process, will hopefully establish "open source" as the more reliable solution.

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  1. Open source should/will be distinguishing itself from other products on the points made above: quality/stability, innovation, etc.

    We'll need to highlight those attributes as much as a possible and continue building better products and services. As a whole that's happening. We'll see this with more products from MoFo such as Project Lightning.

  2. If open source does not imply an IP nightmare, is open source distinguishing itself from other products?

    I think making distinguishing products/services should be a top priority of a "marketing guy" in order keep people interested/get even more press coverage. Are there any new plans on this, or projects that need some extra highlighting? Currently they are only being promoted on the Spread Firefox site.

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