Is our house too blue?

Here are some more photos.

We need some help here. We just painted our house a "post card perfect" blue. We need a second opinion.

– Is the house too blue and repaint, or should we keep this color?

The reason we ask is that it seems to be a very bright blue and it doesn't really match the neighborhood, it stands out a bit.

But we have gotten some compliments from neighbors, but they could also be trying to be nice.

6 Replies to “Is our house too blue?”

  1. It is blue – I like the idea of a darker blue used in conjunction with white to tone it down. e.g., darker blue around the moulding that runs b/w first floor and garage and on the interior of the window panes.

  2. I think the blue is nice. It's the other houses that need to be livened up a bit! My only thought is that the red chimney is throwing me off……can we paint it white?

  3. a bit too blue. i think blue would be great in your neighborhood but i think that one is a little too bright. maybe if you have a dark blue trim it might help?

  4. I like the blue. I think you should paint the trimmings orange. P-P-P-P-I-L….O-O-O-T-S…Go PILOTS! :-)

    I think you guys should also reach out to the TV show "Curb Appeal." :-)

    Nice home by the way!

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