savon de Marseille


I have a few silly product posts coming up, going to start with soap.  I honestly can't tell you why soap to start, but one day just wanted to get the *one* soap, one scent and just stick with that for the rest of my life and not think about it anymore.  Maybe I watched another rerun of Fight Club or too many Old Spice commercials.

I guess I was using Dove and Ivory bar soap and then at some point switched to a Kiehl's body scrub soap for men which was nice.  I started experimenting with Caswell & Massey soap and I liked their Jockey Club, Oatmeal, Verbena, and Number Six soaps.

Now, I'm sticking with a soap that's been around for ages, savon de Marseille.  Basically a soap made in Marseille mostly out of olive oil and they've been doing it for over 500 years.  It lathers really well so I use it instead of shampoo and there's not much of a scent and it doesn't dry my skin either.  It comes in a big block so I have to cut it to size and that's about all there is to it.  One less thing to think about.

If there's a place I'd love to visit again, it would be Marseille.  It sounds silly but Marseille is a little bit like Oakland, a port city, diverse, edgy, hip hop, and great weather.  Our food story is getting better in Oakland too.

(There is an Oakland soap, Cal Ben Pure Soap, but haven't gotten the urge to try it yet, supposed to be good though)


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