definitive Bay Area restaurants

My top restaurants per category in the Bay Area:
If you think I'm wrong on some of these tell me and help me fill in the blanks if you can.

California – Gary Danko, Lalimes, Chez Panisse (is there a good everyday type place?)
French – French Laundry: tasting menu
Bistro style – Cafe Claude, Jojo's: steak frites

Northern Chinese – Shan Dong: Shan Dong chicken, hand made noodles, dumplings
Vietnamese – Le Cheval, Slanted Door
Korean – Oghane, My Tofu House

Thai – Lotus Thai
Indian – still need to find
Italian – Trattoria La Siciliana

Taqueria – Cactus Taqueria: burritos, fish tostada; Taqueria Ramiro and Sons: super carnitas burrito
Mexican – still need to find maybe Guaymas, maybe Dona Tomas

Pizza – Zachary's

Burgers – Christophe's
Steak place – still need to find


Bakery – Crixa cakes
Coffee place – Blue Bottle

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  1. Hey Raf – be sure to try Ohgane for Korean in Oakland. It's our favorite. For Vietnamese, we like Le Cheval for the French-Indochinese style, and Pho Le Hoa in the San Antonio district for, well, pho. ;-) Lastly — Breads of India just opened up in downtown Oakland.

  2. Sweet. I need to try that Korean place. Le Cheval is consistently pretty good. It's a high volume place though but I guess that shouldn't matter.

  3. Cheeseboard Collective and Lanesplitter put Zachary's to shame…

    Cafe Rouge isn't bad for French food. For really great Chinese, with fist-size 'stickers and the best smokey ho fun, well, I'll whisper to you where to go.

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