Dyafa Oakland – yum

from Instagram – Maklouba with Arabic rice and fried eggplant

The food at Dyafa Oakland is delicious, definitely go eat there. It's a "A Reem AssilDaniel Patterson partnership brings Middle Eastern snacks & mains to friendly quarters." Effectively it's an approachable Syrian restaurant in Jack London Square, Oakland.

Drink these cocktails: Dark-skinned nightingale and Dabke on the Moon. Order all the breads. We liked the muhammara, hummus kawarma!, hindbeh, the fish and the lamb shank. We have to go back and try the rest of the menu. The kenafeh was a nice way to end the meal. Chef Patterson served us dessert which was cool.

The accolades to Dyafa are deserving and we were already planning a return visit before dessert came.

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