a cool pop-up

pop-up general store (OPEN TODAY 6/30/2010 at 5pm – 7pm at Grace Street Catering) is part of this interesting food movement that's happening in the Bay Area along with Jon's Street Eats, Eatwell Farm, any Bay Area farmer's market — where there's this mix of food reverence, technology, and a bit of grunge.

Anyway, here's pop-up general's store description:

is a group of professional cooks {nearly all of us current or former Chez Panisse cooks} making the foods we love to eat. We Pop-Up every two or three weeks so that you can get your hands on some.

pop-up general store is effectively in Ghost town.  Whatever.  Will check it out.  One of our favorite restaurants that closed, Cafe Jojo's in Oakland (which had the best steak frites), is now doing catering and offering products through the store so it's pretty cool to see them back in action.

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