Lanikai beach

Just a quick note to get back into the blogging groove (been somewhat preoccupied microblogging on Facebook and to an extent Twitter).

The next version of Thunderbird has the project name Lanikai which made me super happy because it's one of my favorite beaches of all time. Some photos.

Lanikai beach is on the East side of Oahu, in Lanikai and near Kailua (which is where the Obamas like to stay when they visit Hawaii).  You can walk up to Kailua beach for more action where there's windsurfing, kite surfing, and kayak rentals.  What's interesting is that they're not crowded at all, probably because the towns of Kailua and Lanikai are a bit far from Honolulu and they're small sleepy towns, more local than tourist area.

The water is very clear, warm, and it's a very swimmable beach.  The sand is white to light tan and soft.  The beaches are easy to access, and stores are near enough for some coffee, snow cones, or sun block.

I like to think that part of the reason we're going with Lanikai and beach themes is that it's aligned to how we're thinking about the Thunderbird email client.  We want to make Thunderbird run so efficiently that people spend more time on the beach than in their email.  Sounds good to me.

A couple more links for Thunderbird 3.1/Lanikai: