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The new design at

First, go ahead and download Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 and check it out.

The Redesign

We started the redesign process last year with the following goals:

  • Make it easy for users to download Thunderbird
  • Make it easy for users to learn about Thunderbird and Mozilla Messaging
  • Provide Mozilla Messaging with it's own visual identity while maintaining the "mozilla" feel

We worked with Steven at silverorange and the team at The Royal Order — absolutely great fun to work with them.

We hope users and contributors will have a sense of familiarity with the site and also enjoy some of the imagery and illustrations. One of my favorites is the "totem pole".  Totem poles can be found in Vancouver (where we have an office) and we wanted to see a different design treatment for Thunderbird.  I think it worked out well (the rocket ship and the cruise boat are fun too).

What's Next

We have localization, more content to add, and we're always looking to make improvements to make it easier for users to download Thunderbird.  We'll be gearing the site for the final Thunderbird 3 release so we have lots more coming.

5 Replies to “the new”

  1. I LOVE the design throughout Mozilla. Feels to be at the same time a little retro due to the 2D (like the Incredibles), and has a human, happy quality which fits very well with the project. Really something I don't see too often. Very professional.

  2. Rafael, why are you guys linking to the unrelated getsatisfaction for Thunderbird support? and not even bothering to link to the much more active as it used to be for years on

    Are you going to have your own forum/KB at or even along side Firefox at ? as getsatisfaction is not really the greatest place for Thunderbird support.

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