Thunderbird t-shirts

I need some help with the Thunderbird t-shirt.  What's your preference for the background color?  We definitely need a black Thunderbird t-shirt.  I'm leaning towards the dark green and royal blue.

What do you think?  (also these aren't the actual t-shirts, the logo in front is just to see how the logo looks on the various color shirts)

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  1. Not sure what they look like in real life, but via the interwebs as a jpg I wonder if there's enough contrast. Black is pretty much mandatory, but I think the blue in particular might not pop very much. For that reason, I think I'd lean towards the gray since it's a pretty high contrast shirt, and the least "offensive" of the bunch, and by that I mean most people wouldn't mind the color even if they like another more.

  2. A light gray versus a dark gray? I think a light gray would work. The colors above since as you're right it's a jpg are: light blue, royal blue, navy blue, green, black, red, light gray, light brown, light green.

  3. I like the green and I like the light blue. Are you making women's t-shirts too? What about fabric? The Google ones are made from bamboo fibers and are super soft!

  4. Definitely a black one, I fully agree with the contrast comment and because of that I really like the bottom 3 then the top 2 (from left to right) and the dark green.
    I have nothing against red but I don't care for the combination of the logo and red together.

    Although perhaps not a technically accurate presentation, I think that the logo would look much better without the shadow but I don't care for it on the logo as it is. It's messy, kind of smeared looking. There should be a shadow but with less blur. It keeps the logo from looking sharp and crisp.

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