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We're in the final design stages for the MozillaMessaging web site update.  We'd love some feedback on it.

Here are some more screen shots of the homepage:

The goals of the redesign are: 1) Get Thunderbird pages onto, download, marketing pages, etc.; 2)  MozillaMessaging should be distinct from but with a consistency to show that it's still all Mozilla;  3)  Design should reflect the Thunderbird product current and future, communication, concepts around email; 4)  Design should reflect our diversity and International community.

Note that future MozillaMessaging and marketing posts from me will be on when we launch in the next coming weeks.

5 Replies to “ web site update”

  1. Between the two (kind of three) background, I like the darker blue best.

    Of the download buttons, I like the dark blue-grey color on either the colored or blue background.

    Great mockups though! Can't wait to see the final thing.

    P.S. Are you on planet? You should be…

  2. Wow, they're all really sharp!
    I'm typically partial to blue(s) but after looking at the large sizes and going back and forth between a few of them, the "Sunrise background – gray button" one is the one that I think is the most attractive, professional, and appealing.

    I don't see a great need to use a download button with such a strong contrasting color against all of the other somewhat subtle tones in the other page elements. I know that usually the aim is to draw attention to the actionable element on a page, but the button is large enough and legible enough to see and know its purpose. It's not like anyone will be madly scrolling looking for a way to download Thunderbird.
    If there had to be another choice for the download button, I'd choose the blue one again with the Sunrise background.

    Thanks for the sneak peak.

  3. About the Thunderbird wordmark colors.
    I don't care much at all for the red(ish) colored 2 but the blue colored 2 is nice.
    I also like the Thunderbird text color alot.
    If that is used, will it replace the current default Thunderbird wordmark color (#105399)?
    If you have to use the current or standard Thunderbird wordmark color for the download page, then perhaps the blue button would look best with it and use the Thunderbird text color displayed in these samples for the 2 but stick with the Sunrise background.

    All in all, my choice would still be for the Sunrise background with the gray button but change the color of the 2.

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