Thunderbird start pages *draft*

*in progress/working*  These pages and thoughts are not final.

Thunderbird 2 page is here:

Shredder nightlies page will live here:


Thunderbird 3.0 beta page is here:

Thunderbird 3.0 Start page will live here:

Default Start Page:


Welcome URL (aka first run):


Override URL (aka whats new):


Bugs: 451238, 451247, (451236, 433630, 430762)

One Reply to “Thunderbird start pages *draft*”

  1. Here are my Five reasons to move to Thunderbird 3.0:
    1. Settings simplified
    2. An ergonomic user-experience
    3. Cleaning hard disk without losing anything important
    4. Find e-mails easily
    5. Includes extensions similar to Firefox

    Since Wednesday, the Thunderbird 3.0 RC1 is available for download. Stable and rich in new, this version would finally enable the software messaging Mozilla out of anonymity…. for more on this visit:

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