cost of an iPhone

I was considering getting an iPhone to replace a Treo and a Sprint account at $65/month.  But then it's AT&T with a $30 data plan, a $39.99 voice plan 450 minutes, and $5.00 200 text plan which totals $75 a month without taxes.

Realistically, the $59.99 voice plan w/ 900 minutes looks better which takes us out to $95 a month without taxes probably $110 a month with taxes.

Then there's the iPhone itself at $199 or $299 with a $69 2 year protection plan and a $36 activation fee.

Am I off on this calculation?  Are people paying more or less for their iPhone service?

1000 minutes, unlimited nights/weekends, data plan, unlimited text messaging for $75 a month would still be ridiculous but somewhat reasonable.  $50 a month would be more reasonable.  $110 a month is ludicrous.

For comparison, our one Sprint account is $65 (1100 minutes) a month, one T-Mobile account is $65 a month (1000 minutes), and AT&T landline/dsl is $52 a month, so $185 a month in wireless, landline, Internet.

I'm thinking that $185 a month is low to average for being in the web industry, but higher than what most folks are paying.  $100 to $125 would be about right but I don't think I can get it down to that without losing minutes, speed, or functionality.

I think it's a maybe a next year or 2012 type of thing to go to an iPhone.

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