rose pouchong tea

Some tea recommendations (per request):

My absolute favorite tea – Rose pouchong from Fortnum & Mason

Other favorites:

  • Puerh (various) from Imperial Tea court (based in San Francisco)
  • Ginger Peach, Ginseng Peppermint, Good Hope Vanilla, and a few others from Republic of Tea
  • Korean Red Ginseng tea
  • Marrakesh Mint from Mighty Leaf tea and they have other good flavors
  • Genmai-cha and Mugicha, a barley tea

I haven't tried Numi Tea but they're local based out of Oakland over near the Embarcadero.  Teance is local too out of Berkeley.  Starbucks serves Tazo and their tea is ok.

Puerh and Republic of Teas are what I regularly drink.  Tea is supposed to be good for you, does stain your teeth worse than coffee though.  I haven't figured out what to drink when, e.g. if you're sick drink such and such tea, though puerh and red ginseng do give me an energy boost and calms me down, and gingseng peppermint is my stress reducer.

Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon and evening.

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