Wildcat Canyon,etc.

Here's a view from top of Wildcat Canyon in the Oakland Hills. Didn't notice the writing on the log until after coming home because it was dark when I took the photo and the flash unlocked the hidden message.

So anyway, Wildcat Canyon is a nice place to go to watch fireworks. I ride my bike up here too a bunch (like today) via Claremont ave.

I mentioned I don't like to put photos up of people (friends/family/etc) but Joe (left) and Ferdinand (right) are cool. Plus I'm usually on the other end of the camera taking the pictures and I don't photograph well. This is in Danville a couple weeks ago; we put in some good mileage — Morgan Territory plus Mt Diablo. About another six weeks of some hard training and then Ironman Canada in August, and then I'm done. Last Saturday, we did a 100 mile bike ride. That was fun too.

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