Playa del Carmen

photo of Playa del Carmen

This is Playa del Carmen, I'm here through Sunday and then to Mexico City for a day and then home on Monday. May drop over to Cozumel on Saturday and definitely would love to vacation here for real to see Tulum, Chicken Pizza, and hang out for a while.

I'm doing work though and actually a product launch hopefully today. I came because have to work out some things and then the fact that Playa del Carmen has wicked good web access sealed the deal. Otherwise, I'd do the product launch from home but then why not launch a product from Mexico or work from Mexico or anywhere in the world really if you can.

Which brings me to this. Wireless internet access should be ubiquitous as the phone. I should just be able to open up my laptop and start surfing away regardless of location: in the mountains, on the beach, in a cafe, at home, wherever. I had a problem in San Mateo the other day and I was looking for directions. I had to go into a Starbucks and pay for web access when I really should've just been able to open up my laptop and start surfing.

Mountain View and San Francisco via Google is going to get wireless access City Wide. I'd like to see Ask step up and give free wireless access to the city of Oakland. Maybe Microsoft should do the same and do it for Seattle and possibly AOL for Washington D.C. Once that starts happening, maybe other companies need to step in and the government can step in and then we'll have this crazy free (or pay a premium for a little better/more secure) wireless network.

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