Stay for Every Step

Stay for Every Step

I trace the lines of your smile
from too few memories
I wish I had more to give.

And each hill I climb I pass
wildflowers of violet, gold, and ruby
maddeningly picking each flower
and saving every petal
There are no more flowers
none feel like you.

Those times I'm surrounded by water
hearing only my heart beat
I may also hear your voice
drowning in the brown pools of your eyes
there's no more time left.

At the top of the largest ferris wheel
overlooking the world
I call your name and you can not hear me
I can not find you anywhere.
Were you ever with me or did I dream

Stay for every breath until my last
Stay for every step and every ache
until my heart explodes, until each hair
is grey. Your memory pushes me further
how strong so few moments are.
But I have known you forever.

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