2006 time capsule

my favorite photo from this year, top of Haleakala in Maui

General Happenings

  • Sadly, we're still in Iraq. One of the longest wars the US has been in.
  • Dems become majority in Congress.
  • Dow hits all time high, past 1200.
  • MySpace and YouTube get bought up. Demonstrates the importance of community, the ability to build a brand quickly, and how crazy people are from the people who put up content, to the buyers of these companies.
  • Google breaks $400 nears $500.


  • Apple switches all of it's product line to Intel chips.
  • IE 7 and Firefox 2 ship in Q4.
  • Tesla cars are launched.
  • Zune, PS III, Wii are launched.
  • Blogging, user-generated content (yuck) become more prominent.


  • Steelers win Super Bowl. Vince Young and Texas wins BCS bowl.
  • Miami Heat win NBA Finals
  • St. Louis Cardinals win World Series. Oakland A's win a play off series.
  • Floyd Landis wins Tour de France but w/ doping controversy.
  • Agassi retires from Tennis.


  • Ed Bradley, James Kim, James Brown, Coretta Scott King, Saddam Hussein, Gerald Ford


  • Lots of vacations, Hawaii 2x, Disneyland, Kirkwood trips, Canada. :)
  • Lots of house fixing, pipes, porch, landscaping, insulation, painting, just about everything.
  • Ironman Canada number 3 complete.
  • Leave Mozilla, create Browser Garage start-up (scary).
  • Too much pretentious food talk. Did enjoy Gary Danko, Lalimes, French Laundry, that Sushi place in SF, and Kirala this year.

I didn't like 2006 very much.  I did like the fact that I got some rest though.  That's about it.

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