game on…Ironman training starts this week

Ironman training for me starts this week. My two races are Ironman Arizona and Ironman Canada. My goal time for Ironman Canada is to get in under 12 hours which would be a 2 hour improvement from last year.

The plan is to: a) lose weight now and drop to 175lbs by December by drinking tons of water and eating lots of oatmeal (for real this time), b) run three days a week — an hour two days a week and an hour to two hours one day a week, c) focus on technique for swimming, d) bike when I can e) stretch and get more flexible.

That should do it. Game on.

Some side notes:

People tired of reading about my Ironman training should go check out Kara and Sarah.  There are others on the team that have blogs, but these guys write more often and they're good reads.  You should also donate to their fundraising too.

Why is an endurance event with "death" as the marketing ploy so appealing to so many people? So you did a race and you didn't die? I'm not doing either of these races on principle and more importantly the event shirts/jerseys don't look very nice.

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