48% market share for Firefox

Firefox No 23651175 47.9 %
MS Internet Explorer No 13301938 26.9 %
Safari No 6263767 12.6 %
Unknown ? 2210918 4.4 %
Mozilla No 1546638 3.1 %
Opera No 1187130 2.4 %
Netscape No 411342 0.8 %

BoingBoing is one of the sites I've been monitoring for a couple years now and I'm amazed that Firefox is at 48% market share up 2% from June. I remember when it was 20 – 25% and I thought it would stay there for quite some time. I wasn't amazed when Firefox overtook Internet Explorer on this site. I am amazed by how much.

I've been promising to launch the Firefox Market Share project via SpreadFirefox. Essentially it's a take on Om's Broadband profile project. I talked to Sherman about this before I left and will need to re-engage there but also spoke a while back w/ Ross Mayfield about it. I've got some of it set up already, looking to launch by end of the month or so (and I'll cross post this on SpreadFirefox).

I also have part 1 of a comparative review for IE 7 ready. I have a few minor tweaks like removing Internet Explorer 7+ references. Otherwise, it's pretty good to go. I didn't want to publish it too early and give the IE team a chance to actually read it and make changes accordingly :) I'll put it up tomorrow.

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