Firefox gets straight A's from Yahoo

Essentially, Yahoo! has published their browser matrix. In laymen's terms, if you're using Firefox 1.5 on Yahoo!, regardless of OS platform, you're getting what they're classifying as an A-Grade experience.

That's great!

Since we're talking grades…K's nephew Gary, who we're putting through school, has also gotten straight A's at his school this last semester. We're very proud of him.

Back to Yahoo! though.  In addition to releasing a browser matrix, they've also released a User Interface (UI) library and User Experience (UE) best practices. This is some good stuff, and about time.  I know some of the folks who worked on this stuff at Netscape and this is some good advice.

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  1. I'm simply confused. I've read over the Yahoo! "Graded Browser Support" section a few times and I simply don't understand how IE gets an A grade.
    "A-grade support is the highest support level. By taking full advantage of the powerful capabilities of modern web standards, the A-grade experience provides advanced functionality and visual fidelity."
    IE doesn't comply with Modern Web Standards, they don't even provide support for transparent PNG's so why they're listed as they are confuses me.
    Maybe I'm missing something, but I do appreciate the info, thanks.

  2. The grading system means what support Yahoo! will provide for the given browser from a design/development/qa perspective not from a standards compliance way of looking at it.

    So IE 6 gets A-Grade in terms of support and development from Yahoo!

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