Firefox Extensions I use

The ones I use (and I guess implicitly recommend) are:

  • Talkback
  • Chatzilla
  • Web Developer
  • Alexa Sidebar Again
  • Resize Search Box (this should be part of the browser by default)
  • BugMeNot

I've been installing/uninstalling ones from the contest and I may soon add to this list.

One Reply to “Firefox Extensions I use”

  1. Fave 5, in order of randomness:

    1) Adblock Plus
    2) Bettersearch – albeit as a show off, previewing a page within search results (via an inline frame) looks great
    3) Tab X (close button on each tab), although I wish on Mac OS X it defaulted on the left of the tab)
    4) Download Statusbar- I find this miles better than a seperate window for downloads
    5) Context Search

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