cold remedy -> salt water up your nose

I wish I had heard this on NPR or looked online for this solution 3 or 4 weeks ago. I had a bad cold that turned into a sinus infection that lasted for three weeks and all I needed to do was snort saltwater. I'll have to remember this for next time.

More info…
"Rinse with saline sprays. Saltwater rinses — or saline sprays — thin your mucus and get rid of irritants. Use an over-the-counter nasal saline spray, or flush your nostrils with warm salt water. The ratio of salt to water is approximately 1/8 teaspoon salt to 1 cup of water. Use a suction bulb or put some of the warm salt water in the cup of your hand to sniff it up one nostril at a time."

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  1. I have had a nasty cold and sinus infection for the past 10 days. Getting frustrated by still not being able to smell or taste, I heated up distiller water with a tablespoon of sea salt. I put it in a squirt bottle and put my face over the sink and went up one nostril first. I felt it come out the other side and i let it continue to drain for 5-10 seconds. I blew out the water and was in shock by what came out. Chunks of mucus and slimy substances. I continued this every 30'minutes alternating nostrils and am feeling my senses come back. The "fullness" feeling in my nose area is disappearing as well. I will continue this daily until my nose is clear. The first time it stung like a small twinge but was bearable. Highly recommended. I wish I had tried this years ago!

  2. I had a severe cold yesterday and since I am on Homeopathy medicine for sinus, it has prevented the sinus from getting aggravated. How ever in order to open my blocked nose, i used salt water remedy. since the nostril was completely blocked, i prefered to lay on my back on floor and chin raised up. then i asked my wife to put the mixture of salt water in my blocked nostruil by means of spoon. slowly i could feel the mucus getting melted and and i rinsed the melted mucus out and again pour water in my nostril. further i also asked her put put the water in another nostril which was clear. the water formother nostril directly entered my throat. Since it was a problem of getting the other nostril cleared (which was conjested, i tried the activity many times. further i leaned my head on the side so that water reaches everywher. after some time i could experience the blockage getting open and being transferred to next nostril. thereafter i stopped it and went to sleep. morning when i woke up, i could feel the water filled in that side of my head where the nostril was clear. and when i try to blow air in my ear by pinching my nose, i could feel pain in my ear.
    Please suggest what could be the problem?

  3. I can vouch for the efficacy of salt water rinses, but the straight-up "snorting" that many are mentioning here sounds a little dangerous. Like a poster above, I also use the Neil Med Sinus Rinse, which is a bottle with a spray nozzle that gently rinses out your nose, but has a little more power behind it than a plain Neti pot. I use plain table salt without any ill effects, about 3/4 tsp to 1.5 cups. Make sure to use lukewarm water (not cold or super hot), or it WILL burn. And more salt is not good either, as that can be irritating and painful.

    Tilt your head forward over the sink and spray the sinus rinse into one nostril. The excess drains out the other nostril, and you can feel the slightly warm water going all through your sinuses. Let the water drain then hold closed the nostril you were not spraying into and blow your nose with tissue. Repeat on the other side, then repeat on both nostrils until rinse is gone.

    When done, give your nose a few good blows, but do *not* squeeze your nostrils shut as you blow. This causes the remaining water in the sinuses to be forced into the ears, which can cause ear pain and pressure, like Amardeep above me experienced. I've read that backed up water in the ears can then lead to ear infections.

    I get nearly instant relief from sinus headaches and painful pressure from this salt rinse. I've also been having thick mucus drainage lately in my throat, and the rinse helped to thin out the secretions quickly, too.

  4. I tied the water up my nose,snorting it, when I thought I was having allergies and my nose was running like mad. I wanted to rinse the pollen or whatever was causing it out of my nose.The water, I used purified, went way up into the top of my head and hurt real bad.Then my eyes and head started hurting. I went to the eye Dr., she couldn't find anything wrong, then to my regular Dr. who thought I had caused a sinus infection from bacteria going into my sinuses from doing that. Two different antibiotics later I am still having pressure and aching in my head. Any ideals what happened when I did that to cause this pressure feeling in my head.Thanks

  5. I do this all the time. Some people think it's weird sniffing salt like it's drugs or something but I've found it really helps with blocked nose, throat ect. I now do it 3 times a week but sniffing too much does cause you to feel nauseous and throw up. It helps a lot though so I recommend it but only if you can put up with the burning.

  6. Use fresh solution each time you are going to snuff up salted water. If the water is no more salty than your tears, it won't burn at all. It has the same result. It ends your cold within a day, well, it does that for me.

  7. I tried this method and it did wonders for me I was astonished by the stuff I blew out of my nose there was a tiny bit of blood and my ears sting a bit after I did it but it felt great and I am definitely doing it again later today!!

  8. PEOPLE !!! Be easy on yourself…be gentle..some of the methods described here are torturous! MODERATION in everything…. don't force that salt water up you nose so violently ! Best yet.. get the bottle from your store, I got mine free from my ENT doc. Use as directed.. Start EASY and GENTLE. You can gradually increase pressure as you learn how much pressure you need or can tolerate….Neti-Pot is ok, better than the above methods.. But I like this bottle much better! It's by the Neti-Pots in Walmart, just as the pharmacist for help. And I will be now making my own salt mixture , as those packets of salt are too expensive. Keep a gallon of distilled water under the bathroom sink for this And easy on the salt ! Gonna add baking soda to mine too. Don't make it ahead of time, it will spoil. EASY does it…

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