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Welcome! rebron.org is my (Rafael Ebron) home on the web. It's my way of participating, sharing my random thoughts and ideas to anyone who might find what I have to share interesting. I hope some of what I write ends up being useful rather than just a fart in the woods.

I've been doing something similar for awhile (Geocities, etc) but I think my earliest record is from 2000! https://web.archive.org/web/20000816042456/people.netscape.com/rebron

These days, I'm mostly writing about daily life in Oakland California, work and topics that interest me usually related to web browsers and emerging Web technology, and Ironman triathlons (and some snowboarding) which I enjoy doing. I try and not write anything too deeply personal but that is sometimes hard to do.

I'm afraid that we still haven't figured out the Web much  — how to really use it, privacy, the implications for participation, centralization of data, the scattering of profile information, authentication, etc.  I have some ideas but more questions than solutions. Some stuff about the Web I like, some stuff I really don't like.

So bear with me as I'm a notorious publisher/deleter of my own content (moreso on Facebook and Twitter) and we'll see how the rest of it goes.


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