chasing Tim Deboom

It was a good weekend, not perfect, or great, but it was good. Spent the weekend in Guerneville for the 1/2 Vineman Race.

We left late on Friday evening to stay at this bed and breakfast the Ridenhour Inn. I can't say I can recommend the accomodations, Garden View was more like view (and sounds) of the major thoroughfare but it was 3 miles away from the start of the race and the breakfasts were really good (also, 1/4 mile away from Korbel).

On Saturday, Katina and I had a full day. Woke up late, had breakfast, wine tasting at Korbel and Roshambo, lunch in Healdsburg, shopping at Macy's, race registration in Santa Rosa, and dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Sunday was race day.

Highlights included: seeing Tim Deboom and Peter Reid do a swim to bike transition in 30 seconds (I took 8 minutes), seeing most of my teammates, seeing this fairly good looking woman athlete let out this major belch, seeing this dude with bloody nipples (blood dripping down his shirt), learning that Jeff Kutash got a drafting penalty (after I told him I was trying to get one), finishing the run even though I couldn't push off of either feet, getting Doug and Glen a primo parking spot, and seeing Katina at the end. The prior week was actually harder. While the Vineman race was a 7 hour workout, last week was a 9 hour workout.

In any case, not a bad way to spend a weekend.

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