Firefox and Thunderbird Deployment Resources

This is an unofficial draft and set of links and instructions for deploying Firefox and Thunderbird. Note that companies are already deploying Firefox and Thunderbird and others are writing up the documentation and building the tools out to support it. I'll be consolidating the resources here, and then publish on when ready.

Also note that is focused on end user consumers (home users) and we are NOT at this time doing enterprise customer support or deployments. Supporting enterprises is HARD because everyone does something a little different and want x or y feature or x level of support. That takes up a lot of resources and we'll need to rely on consultants, and internal IT staff, etc. who already do this.

That said, there are features in Firefox and Thunderbird that are enterprise friendly and companies that are large enough have the resources to support themselves in deployment. Certainly other companies are able to provide customer and deployment support.

  • Lock settings such as homepage, proxy and many others in Firefox
  • Set defaults on many settings within Firefox
  • Create a profile on user first usage
  • And feature list ever growing (already on way to same feature-completeness as IE's Group Policy setting features)
  • Firefox .msi builds (for testing only, give me feedback)
  • More tools and documentation to come.

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    1. Hey Rafael, I'm the guy doing the FirefoxADM project.

      Just wanted to say thanks for linking to the project. Things are progressing well and there are a number of large sites using it in production environments.

      The link provided above is really to the documentation of the project. The project itself is hosted on sourceforge at:

      and development diary at:

      I'm also happy for people to mail me if they have any questions, bugs, feature requests or whatever at mark [dot] sammons [at]

      Thanks again.

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