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November 12, 2013

Tesla Model S

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Tesla Model S

2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year

The two questions are: should you buy a Tesla car (yes) and the second, should you buy TSLA stock (also a yes)!

For the latter, I look at market cap, product line, ability to deliver, future revenue opportunities, leadership/vision/intangibles (and balance sheets of course). Tesla makes a damn good looking car and they’ve only really made one (and they got into the NUMMI plant for a song). If you think they’ll make more and better cars to more markets around the world and that they’re just beginning and that they’re market cap of 16.7BB is low compared to Audi, GM, Ford, or Toyota, then you should buy their stock.

Telsa is limited by product line and production, not demand. That’s a good position. My target for TSLA stock is $250.

March 20, 2010

Porsche Spyder Hybrid

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For whatever reason, my dream car as a kid was a candy apple Porsche 911.  I’ll have to say that this Porsche Spyder hybrid in whatever color for my 50th birthday (still along time away) would be pretty nice.  I suspect that by the time I’m 50 there’ll be an even better car.  I like the Cayman S too, and the 911 Carrera 4S is not too shabby.

The 918 Spyder prototype combines high-tech racing features and electro-mobility to offer a fascinating range of qualities: An emission level of just 70 grams CO2 per kilometre on fuel consumption of three litres/100 kilometres (equal to 94 mpg imp) truly outstanding even for an ultra-compact city car, on the one hand, combined with the performance of a super sports car and acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in just under 3.2 seconds, top speed of 320 km/h (198 mph) plus, and a lap time on the Nordschleife of Nürburgring in less than 7:30 minutes, faster than even the Porsche Carrera GT, on the other.

June 7, 2007

Traffic School

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[First off, Mitchell Baker’s blog is a must read if you’re serious about being in the Web industry. If you don’t know of her, what’s wrong with you. She doesn’t blog often but when she does it’s important and her more personal posts (as much as a CEO can get personal) are pretty funny.]

Mitchell wrote about her experience with traffic school, and I had a good laugh at that (not that I was surprised, it was just funny). Anyway payback sucks in terms of schadenfreude and I got my first ever speeding ticket in April on my way to San Diego. I’ve gotten a bunch of tickets lately, a no U-Turn ticket in Alameda (on Park Street), and a couple of parking tickets. And I’m like what the heck is going on!

Anyway, I used It took me a little over an hour to complete the course and test which was pleasant. It was a good refresher but I don’t remember anything (thank goodness for tabbed browsing and the nifty find feature).

What differed with my experience from Mitchell is that verification of who I am was done online (otherwise a notary or some other method is required). I did my verification through Experian the credit history people. I gave them information about my accounts that really only I should know and they gave a time limit for me to answer them. They asked about accounts I’ve held and also how much my mortgage was and a few other challenge questions. [I’m wondering if someone could just buy my credit history and do the same thing.]

Now, there’s got to be a better way to verify identity than me having to pay Experian a $15 convenience fee. I need to read about DSS some more which I guess is standardized? And I don’t know about personal certificates either. People just won’t get how that works.

May 1, 2007

driving through Arizona

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This is what my drive to Arizona looked like a couple weeks ago. I’m in the Blue X3. (I need to help reset the marketing around BMW X3 so that soccer moms stay away from this car dammit)

March 26, 2007

Ferrari 250 GTO = $15MM

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“Do not touch me or even look at me. I am too expensive for you.”

Thus sayeth the Ferrari 250 GTO that I saw Saturday morning at a car classic. Apparently this Ferrrari 250 GTO:

  • was named the top sports car of all time,
  • only a little over 30 were made in the ’60s,
  • and one recently sold for $15MM cash money.

And, folks who own these cars actually drive them around the track and race ’em w/ no insurance. Damn, it must be good to be rich.

There were a lot of cool cars at Infineon Raceway last weekend for the Classic Sports Racing Group. Saw a birdcage Maserati (above), a Shelby Cobra, a forumla one car driven by Andretti, and several cool Lotus cars — even got to ride in one around the track, that was freaking fun!

The classic race car hobby is a little pricey. It’s fun hanging around people with that kind of money though. It would be cool to take racing school. Skip Barber is supposed to be pretty good, a three day intensive course.

March 11, 2007

Lexus IS 250 Matador Red reloaded

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Let’s just say I get to ride in this thing once in a while and maybe get to drive it to Mountain View especially since it gets 24/32 MPG. It’s got Navigation, the Luxury Package (whatever that means), but I have to say my favorite feature is the keyless entry. You just walk up to the car, open the door handle, and go right in. Press the button, and the engine starts. No messing around with a key.

The handling isn’t as good as a BMW, it’s a little soft on turns. The sports shift is cool and the paddle shifters aren’t bad either. It’s going to take a little getting used to, I’m old school and love manual cars. But, this thing is fast, fast, and smooth. On the practical side, this car will be around for like 20 years and it’s pretty darn safe.

Tough life right? Never expected I’d take part ownership in a red sports car/rice rocket. I’m still more the dark blue Jeep wrangler, khaki soft top, off-road type, while wearing Keen sandals, khaki shorts, and some blue or black generic polo shirt. I have no idea what to wear in this car. I need to bust out the Armani suits I guess.

A few more things:

  • Ask for Eric Stern at Coliseum Lexus of Oakland.  Unbelievable salesperson.  Who makes endorsements about car sales people right?  Definitely would get another car from him (which won’t happen for another 20 years) and my highest recommendation for Eric Stern.
  • This car and the now beater BMW X3 are the cars I’d want even if I was stupid rich (which I’m not even close).  Kinda cool.
  • After a couple hundred miles on this thing, this car is bad ass!

February 7, 2007

2007 Saturn Sky

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I’ve seen a couple of 2007 Saturn Sky convertibles on the road and parked and I’ve done a double take each time. I’ll bet the Saturn Sky is the “it” car for 2007, replacing the VW bug of a few years ago and the Mini Cooper of late. It’s like the 1989 Mazda Miata and maybe it’ll do the same for the Saturn brand that it did for the zoom, zoom Mazda brand.

The Saturn Sky photo gallery is pretty neat too. They’ve done a great job with it.

February 3, 2007

2008 Mercedes C Class

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Not sure if I like the 2008 Mercedes C Class, it may grow on me, I don’t know. They still have a stupid foot brake for their manuals. The design seems kinda mish-mashed, BMW 3 + Acura TL + their CL. The interior is kinda whacky too, copied some things from BMW’s interior and kept some of their old weird dial interior. I don’t know what’s going on with Mercedes. It’s still a Mercedes though — safe, fast, good engineering (w/ suspect reliability).

Photos and more photos

the 2007 C Class for comparison

December 9, 2006

BMW X3 in Consumer Reports

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my BMW X3 w/ matching snowboard

I bought the Consumer Reports copy that reviewed the BMW X3 pretty favorably (ranked #2) except for the “predicted reliability” part which was unfavorable. I’m not sure how they come up with predicted reliability, I think that’s bs. I guess they’re saying that BMWs in general are not reliable though a bunch are out on the road doing pretty well though aren’t they.

Anyway, my BMW X3 is doing fine, 30k+ miles and going strong. In the report, they highlighted handling, interior, and overall drive (and even the best gas mileage in the bunch) as some of the advantages over the others in the small SUV class.

They looked at the Toyota Rav4 (their top choice), Toyota FJ cruiser (which they didn’t like at all), the new Jeep Wrangler (the car I previously had and loved but too rough a ride), the new Acura RDX, and the Mazda CX-7. I think the Lexus 330/400H isn’t considered a small SUV and interestingly they didn’t review the Subaru Forrester. The real competition to the BMW X3 are the Audi A3 or A4 Wagon or the BMW 3 or 5 series wagons.

I like my/our BMW X3 a lot. It’s been good to us so far and it’s pretty fun to drive. Ultimate driving machine, you know it. :)

December 6, 2006

the fancy loaner – 2007 BMW 328i

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Cute right? More photos here.

One of the cool things about driving a fancy car, when you have to take it in for maintenance, they give you another fancy nice car to drive. [Life is just too hard. Whoa is me. :)] The dealership hooked me up with a 2007 BMW 328i with 1000 miles on it to play around with for the day. They call it Sparkles because the exterior color is a Sparkling Graphite Metallic.

It’s pretty freaking fun to drive. It handles unbelievably well, the acceleration is crazy, and everything works just really nicely. The car isn’t equipped with amenities like power seats or iDrive. And it is an automatic, manual would have been preferred. I do see why people love this car, the drive is pretty awesome.

So I drove this thing on a windy freeway and up and down the Oakland/Berkeley hills. Pretty bad ass. I’d get the 335i Coupe if I had a choice and could justify spending over $45k for a car (you can’t do it, unless maybe it’s for the Tesla sports car). The 335 coupe and this 328i is very much “a boy’s car” (based on the drive and the exterior styling). For the most part, the BMW series of cars (3, 5, 7, and M series) are manly except for the convertibles.

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