iPhone X etc.

Some of the major phones fighting in 2017/2018 are:

If I was in the market for a new phone, I’d probably get the Google Pixel 2 if not the Apple iPhone SE for $350.

The R11S and Mi Mix 2 look pretty cool. The Essential phone might be doa even though the ceramic/titanium build is really nice and I hope they do well.

So iPhone X for $1,150. Too rich for me so No. If Google had priced their Pixel phones at a lower price point, they may have significantly made a dent with market share because they’re getting book ended by the iPhone X and iPhone SE. Might not be a concern though and they don’t really do volume with their phones. Regardless, the price of the iPhone X is just too high, cost of computing goes lower not higher so their pricing is way out of whack. You’ll see next year.

Google has other manufacturers to consider to distribute their Android/Google Assistant/other apps/Google Search which is really where they make their money in this razor/razor blade model of theirs. Google is right though, the battle is with cloud apps, hardware isn’t the bottleneck when it comes to user experiences.

Anyhow, it’s nice to see that phones are getting really good and fast and phones like the iPhone 6, Pixel, earlier Nexus and Galaxy phones are starting to last longer like 4 years or so maintaining a nice level of speed and responsiveness for everyday tasks. Before, it made sense to upgrade every year or two because there was a significant speed and performance bump, but now not so much. Which is a nice place to be.



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