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August 24, 2007


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I didn’t know but I hoped
it was me and you forgot my name
I remembered your tastes
chicken feet is hard to forget

Your smile and your kiss
a baby angel
carrying a scythe
among flowers and words
I forget the words
I forget the words

But not your touch
or your warmth
or your laugh and the joy
or your stories
and we begin the day
not forgetting

To the top of the world
well almost, a palace will suffice
and the smell of the ocean
wind blowing in your hair
we need to hurry back

Try and capture my breath
I know what I’m looking for
I have it and I am not letting go
a day and a moment is not yours to take away
give me more days before I forget
give me more days before I forget

A meal or two or three
and one to fill me to the end
our meal is alive yet our words I forget
your laugh and the joy
and your stories I remember
but you said you would forget
at least half and maybe more
you will forget my name
I will not forget yours

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