Safari on Windows

Safari on Windows is not a surprise. It’s something that at Mozilla (actually even at Netscape) we were predicting. It was just a matter of when.

What people might not know is that the Safari team consists of a lot of ex-Netscape folks from the Netscape 6.x days. Once you get into the groove of building browsers, you just kind of do it and enjoy it because the software and the problems and opportunities that browser software development has is so diverse and it’s so interesting. The feedback is cool too, someone builds a web application, it works or it doesn’t work, what needs to be changed in the browser to make it work — in a nutshell.

Anyway, it’s good to see Safari on Windows. I think that the Safari team should also consider whatever hooks they might have that’s Safari-Apple-iPhone-whatever only should be ported to IE Windows and Firefox.

There’s definitely a danger that QuickTime and Videos work best in Safari and works moderately ok in IE or Firefox. Also, while the Apple team may know what the business opportunity is for having a browser, I don’t think they *really* know what that potential is.

Also, Apple better be careful with their marketing with Safari. If they’re going to call out that Safari is the fastest browser out there, they better be able to back that up.

4 thoughts on “Safari on Windows”

  1. Yeah, I’m not surprised at all. In fact, I’m wondering why it took them this long. This is good news for people who want to test their web pages in Safari but don’t own a Mac, and that’s probably part of the reason Apple did it in the first place. It also lets mostly-Apple outfits standardize on a single browser.

    As for the QuickTime issue, here’s to hoping the element makes it into HTML5.

    P.S.: Wouldn’t want to be Opera right now, in spite of the fact that they make a darn good browser.

  2. It took them this long because shipping a browser product isn’t easy! Plus I’m sure it was more of an upper management hold up than building the browser itself. I haven’t played with it yet. I suspect that they don’t necessarily want Safari nor iTunes to be great on Windows.

  3. Apple placed its bet with a Safari “a la Windows” and did a terrible job. The browser continually crashes, freezes or render weird web pages. If they wanted Apple wanted impress us, they should have waited and come up with a polished product. I’m afraid it will be another Apple Lisa.

    I, for one will keep on using Mozilla Firefox. In my opinion, this is the best browser around and sets the quality standards for others to follow.

    Sorry Jobs. Safari for Windows is not for me.

  4. Netscape seems to be integrated with all the Firefox applications. though the functionalities of these browsers are nearly same, they have to come up with Browser Crash function that can reduce the issue. all the browsers are same except the navigation bar and the presentation style etc.

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