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April 15, 2007

Our last day is tomorrow

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Our last day is tomorrow

Our last day is tomorrow
how does one express deep sadness
darkness, emptiness, the two inches of tingle
that surround my neck and my fingers and hips
anticipation that all I can cling to
are visions of your face and smile
visions that are unclear, afraid to lose even that.
Not a photo, not an inch of cloth, not a strand of hair
Nothing to hold on to, nothing clear.

I’m afraid my memory will fail me
of how it feels to grasp your hand
embrace you with every inch of my skin
remembering each contour and movement
our dance that day, and the spot kissed by your mother
no one else will find or I hope someone does.
You are not mine and I can not have you
and even my memories of you are not only for me
if only I can have one more hour,
one more hour and the next thousand years.

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