Internet Explorer Comparative Analysis

Here’s the IE 7 Beta 3 analysis I was writing up.

A few notes:

  • It’s comparative versus competitive because we want to keep things friendly :).
  • Extreme Tech’s article comparing Firefox 2, IE 7, and Opera 9 is a great read.
  • Another review by Paul Thurrott
  • I want to do a high level feature by feature comparison (from a marketing perspective) as well since that’s a nice way to look at these products. I’ll do that in a little while, there’s a bit of that in the Extreme Tech article.
  • Feature versus feature can be blown out much further in the full on comparison between user interactions. That work should get done on some of the key features. (This means getting a UE and UI designer together and making those pretty interaction graphs that are huge and can get posted on to walls so people can see what the heck is actually going on.)

Enjoy (if you’re into this kind of stuff)!

7 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Comparative Analysis”

  1. > IE 7 can expect at least one severe vulnerability (or exploit) within 0-2 months to be found outside the company.

    This is just opinion – it shouldn’t be in an analysis.

    Also you indicate that IE is copying features from Firefox, but didn’t Opera have tabbed browsing and feed integration before Firefox?

    Actually, didn’t IE have better feed integration than Firefox before Firefox? The new Firefox feed integration happened after IE7 beta 1.

  2. I appreciate the comments. I’m hoping some folks find it somewhat useful and I’ll blow out what I mean when I said that Firefox shouldn’t worry about IE 7 taking share.

    To respond to mkaply:

    We don’t need to play the who built which first, and who’s copying what -that’s dumb to even to attempt that and I’m not trying to whine and say that MSFT copied everything from Firefox. We copied just as much as stuff from them, info window, sidebar, list goes on. It’s apparent what it is that they’re doing. MSFT is copying us, Google, and Apple, taking somewhat of a “Lead Sailboat Strategy”, copy the guy coming up behind you.

    BTW, from what I remember, NetCaptor was who we copied Tabbed Browsing from first, not Opera. Feed integration, I don’t even know who we copied that from, probably Safari. Opera always jacks up their feature implementations and make it too complicated.
    No IE didn’t have better feed integration before Firefox. IE is at version 6. Their beta is a beta, IE 7 isn’t final/out.

    People put their opinion in analysis all the time, that’s what analysis is. I didn’t cite how I came up with that opinion, I can take the extra work to do that. It’s a safe bet that there’ll be a vulnerability in IE 7 within 0-2 months of wide release. I can cite their track record with IE 6 and their IE 7 betas. I’ll be more than happy to put money on it :)

  3. Good review – it’s clear the target audience is Firefox developers and the community, hence the competitive slant. You are thin in some areas, and plain wrong in one in my view. P3P, while of questionable value, is understandable to end users the way that IE6 presents it. You simply get an entra icon in the toolbar that tells you when it has blocked something because there is no P3P policy. That’s the value in P3P in my view – not the fact that it provides you with the site’s policy, but that it can be used to block certain tracking features on websites that might impact your privacy. Firefox does not support P3P, which in my view is a mistake.

  4. It’s thin in a lot of areas. I’d like to hear where you’d like more elaboration. I tried to make it a high level overview.

    As far as P3P being understandable to an end user, that’s not true at all. That thing is so complicated it’s not even funny.

  5. Hello,

    It’s an okay review, but have you even tried the new IE7 RC1 version yet? I am strangly LOVING it! I really don’t even see the point of Firefox with IE7.. RC1… IE7 has great Rss Feed reading, runs VERY fast! and can send pages (not just links) by email. Plus security wise is seems to be just fine.. Honestly, what’s the point now with Firefox?

  6. Well there is no software in the world that completely secured. By the way, the hype about FireFox is mostly pure anti-microsoft BS than about FireFox itself. STFU!!!

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