Vacation Review: Kailua, Hawaii


Kailua is a great place to stay when visiting Oahu for folks looking for a “real” Hawaiian experience, enjoying the local life and just hanging out on beautiful beaches. Kailua beach and Lanikai beach (same area) are two of the nicest beaches in the world and not too many folks around which make it even nicer.

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  • Lanikai and Kailua beaches: blue clear, relatively calm waters. Swimming areas and great views of the “Mokes” islands and flat island. Lots of activities like kayaking and windsurfing available. Not crowded at all. Surprisingly and happily very, very few people on the beach. Stop by Kalapawai for coffee and snacks before heading to the beach. Also check out Island Snow for shaved ice.
  • Buzz’s Steak and Seafood was surprisingly excellent. Ate there twice. Lanikai Juice for smoothies and their Acai bowl was also very good. Maladasas, or Portuguese donuts are excellent from Leonard’s Bakery. Also, Boots and Kimo’s for breakfast in Kailua was also yummy, banana pancakes w/ mac nut sauce is their specialty.
  • Kailua’s Thursday night Farmer’s market was killer. We had our best dinner of the night there and got a pork lau lau plate for $9. We spent maybe $30 that whole day on food. Rachel Ray has nothing on me.


  • Stay away from all the tourist traps especially Polynesian Cultural Center and their luau. Waikiki is cool for people watching but that’s about it. There are better beaches out there.
  • Sam Choy’s restaurant (his flagship one) was pretty disappointing. Sam Choy is like the Emeril Lagasse of Oahu but Emeril’s restaurants are actually pretty good. I wasn’t impressed at all with the dinner we had. Wasabi cheesecake topped w/ Ahi poke, that would be a cheesecake w/ raw fish on top. Enough said.


  • Used and Orbitz to shop around and we finally booked our flights directly w/ Hawaiian Airlines. Used Budget for car rental, and stayed at Papaya Paradise B&B (actually her daughter’s place right next door – she also has vacation rentals) in Kailua. I don’t believe there are any big hotels in Kailua, it’s a relatively small town and not very touristy at all.
  • We also went to Haunama Bay for snorkeling. It’s a nice beach/location as well. The North shore also has some great beaches but not very swimmable. Waimea Bay is nice as is Sunset Beach.
  • Weather wasn’t the best in May, cloudy w/ intermittent showers. Another week or two and it would probably have been a little more perfect.
  • We missed out on hiking Diamond Head this time and hanging out at North Shore beaches some more.

summer movies and playlist

Summer movies on tap for this summer that I want to watch:

If there’s anything else I should be watching let me know.  The last movie I watched in the theatre was A Prairie Home Companion just last week but before then it may have been Lord of the Rings Return of the King.  That was a long time ago :(

I’d like to post my iTunes playlist too a la the celebrity ones at iTunes music store.  It’s actually a really cool way to discover new music.  We wanted to do the same thing for Firefox, e.g. Celebrity Bookmarks. kinda already did it.

I don’t know how anyone can remember  I can hardly remember where to put the periods for (aka Backflip 2.0.  I didn’t use BackFlip either).

time off and a new chapter…

My last day at Mozilla Corp. will be May 15th. People are going to ask why I’m leaving. Chase may have set the standard for this as far as farewell notes go. My reasons for leaving aren’t the same as his though.

(Note: I’m not leaving the project just taking some time off from that too. You’ll see me causing trouble again soon and my bugzilla account will still be the same it’s not tied to so you can still file bugs against me).

Here are my reasons:

  • I’ve been at this for 7 years! since February 1999. Netscape->Mozilla Corp I count it all as the same thing since it’s all been browser work off of NGL. The most I’ve had off in those 7 years was 2 weeks off that I took last year. Time for a break. For real.*
  • I’d like two hours of my day back. This is more or less my commute the last 7+ years. HQ is a little far. I have 23,000 miles on the car I bought just last year.
  • I set out to help establish Mozilla Corp (done), to ship phoenix/Firefox, which I wanted to do all the way back in 2002 (done), help gain market share for Firefox and restore some balance on the Web (done/mostly done). I think I did an ok job.

What am I going to do next:

  • Take some time off. Watch my wife argue in her first trial in front of her former Judge that she clerked for. She’s going after the big bad insurance companies.
  • I’m going to garden and landscape our front yard, and coordinate getting the porch fixed.
  • Hang out with family and friends. See my niece, call friends up.
  • Train for my third Ironman in August and try and raise some more money for Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

I’m not sure what I’m doing next work wise, e.g. I’m not going to Google, or Flock/Microsoft (please don’t insult me). One thing for sure, I’ll still be participating w/ down the road. Too much fun, too much invested, and too important not to be where all the action is. :)

*For the old timers…I never did get my sabbatical from way back when.