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December 14, 2005

training update

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I’m in week 10 of training and overall I’m where I want to be.  I have shin splints so no running for me for the next couple weeks or so until it gets better. I need to do some strength training to make it better and probably should start swimming.  I can focus on swimming and biking for a while anyway. 

As far as nutrition goes, I’m still on my now infamous oatmeal diet, but specifically, I’m drinking more water, cutting out red meat and sweets, and no caffeine or alcohol (no alcohol starting January 1st maybe?).  What was interesting was when I cut out sweets, I was craving steaks and stuff.  Apparently that’s what happens when you cut out sweets, you crave more protein.  So the inverse is, if you eat more protein, you’ll want to eat less sweets.  I’m trying to get down to 180lbs by end of December and then 165-170lbs by August.

Anyway, that’s it.  IronTeam is gelling together and I raised over $4,000 (officially, $5k unofficially) this year for Team in Training, Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.  My goal is $4,500 by August, I should increase that goal, we’ll see.


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