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November 3, 2005

The tricked out Firefox PC

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Here’s the background for this (though the important part is that three of these things are being awarded for the Extend Firefox contest that’s out TODAY!.)

For a prize we thought, let’s get a really, really awesome computer. David Hyatt, one of the early Firefox inventors, has one of these Alienware thingies. We wanted a computer that was fast and powerful and also very unique, and so we came up with the Alienware Aurora 7500 Firefox Edition PC which is going to be customized with Firefox decals and airbrushed with real flames — in other words, we’re going to pimp your PC. How cool is that?!?

A few more details:

There’s only three of these bad boys. Three. And we can’t wait to award them to the winners of the Extend Firefox Contest. These entries better be damn good.

An old school friend of mine “Poots”, up in Oakland is taking care of the airbrushing. I’ll post pictures up on this site as we go through the design and custom paint job on these bad boys, and a shout out to the Alienware folks who are so awesome to work with.


  1. MoCo’s first big public action kicks off with a bang!
    The promotion, presentation, the prizes, this is all executed beautifully, way to go!
    Also a great way to get people off of their butts and get with 1.5 compatibility.
    Clocks a’tickin.

    Comment by KenSaunders — November 4, 2005 @ 6:09 pm

  2. Extend Firefox, Win Prizes

    If you haven’t yet seen the news, there’s a contest going on called Extend Firefox: Calling all Firefox enthusiasts: it’s time to submit your work for the chance to win great prizes and earn bragging rights as one of the premier Extension developer…

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  3. […] The folks are FireFox are helding a competition called Extend FireFox. The idea is simple: make a cool plugin. But unlike before when all you did is post it and received feedback to it and collaborated with some other users to fix a bug, you actually enter it into a competition. The prize? You can see it write beside this writing. An awesome Alienware PC which beleive it or not has almost the same specs as my home computer I’m writing this post on. Only difference is that mine is a Compaq. […]

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  4. […] The tricked out Firefox PC. […]

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  5. The PC sure looks hot, and its specifications show it can even “fly”. With the trade of it for the new upgraded extensions, I sure want to see Firefox taking off as well.

    Comment by Norbert Toth-Gati — November 10, 2005 @ 3:14 am

  6. Hi, just wondering if you needed a gmail invite still – just read from the postings that you did. Anywhow thanks for the nice reads!

    Comment by robert — November 22, 2005 @ 3:26 pm

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