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August 31, 2005

About This Web Site

Tags: Everyday Life — 12:15 am Comments (0) is for testing purposes *only*.  Usually family and friends are not discussed here because of privacy reasons so it may seem like I’m  friendless, orphan child that likes to talk about himself all day long.  Not entirely untrue.

I’m afraid that we haven’t figured out the web much yet — how to use it, privacy, the implications for participation, centralization of data, the scattering of profile information, authentication, etc.  I have some ideas but more questions and fears than solutions.

So bear with me as I’m a notorious publisher/deleter of my own content and we’ll see how the rest of it goes.

Topics are mostly personal (things I find on the web or just want to comment on), some ironman training stuff, and some work related items.  In general, I try to be as careful as I can be with the things I write about.

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