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February 25, 2005

Is our house too blue?

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Here are some more photos.

We need some help here. We just painted our house a “post card perfect” blue. We need a second opinion.

– Is the house too blue and repaint, or should we keep this color?

The reason we ask is that it seems to be a very bright blue and it doesn’t really match the neighborhood, it stands out a bit.

But we have gotten some compliments from neighbors, but they could also be trying to be nice.

February 17, 2005


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I love writing about this car, more for the image than anything. I emailed the people at Weatherford BMW. I guess they can get me one of these for $38k. Can’t wait to get it but still need to wait to finish (re)-painting the house, some other external house work, and I still have to pay taxes too.

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